Where In NJ Can You Live Commute To NYC?

Where should I live to commute to NYC?


Suburb in New Jersey.

40 reviews.

Highland Park.

Suburb in New Jersey.

40 reviews.


Suburb in New Jersey.

42 reviews.


Suburb of New York City, NY.

4 reviews.


Suburb in New Jersey.

Jersey City.

City in New Jersey.

Great Neck Plaza.

Suburb of New York City, NY.

Weehawken Township.

Suburb in New Jersey.More items….

Is it cheaper to live in NJ and work in NY?

Housing is much cheaper in New Jersey. However, it is not all about the money. You will be able to have a more spacious housing for the same amount. This is especially important for families with children and it is one of the most important perks of moving to NJ.

Where can I live in NYC 1 hour?

Can’t Afford to Live in NYC? Live Here InsteadNew Rochelle, NY. Hop on a train from the small town of New Rochelle and arrive in Grand Central Station in just about thirty minutes. … Maplewood, NJ. Maplewood lies about 20 miles west of Manhattan, and you can get to Penn Station via the express train in 29 minutes. … Stamford, CT. … Yonkers, NY. … Fleetwood, NY. … Tarrytown, NY.

What city in New Jersey is close to New York?

Union CityUnion City is in Hudson County, NJ, basically directly across the Hudson River from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen and surrounding the Lincoln Tunnel.

How much does it cost to commute from NJ to NYC?

Pro Top!ModeCommute TimeAvg. FarePATH Subway20 Minutes$2.75NJ Transit Trains30 Mins – 1 Hr +$5.75 – $12Ferry15 Mins$9 Adults

Is NJ tax higher than New York?

While both New York and New Jersey have relatively high income taxes, New Jersey’s lowest income tax rate is 1.4 percent while New York’s is 4 percent. The lowest tax bracket is also wider in New Jersey than in the Empire State, as of 2018.

Where in NJ Can you commute to NYC?

Get to Manhattan in a New York Minute – Best Mass Transit Commuter Towns in New JerseyHackensack ranked the #1 New Jersey commuter town, with a 65-minute travel time and low housing costs.Hudson County has 4 of top 10 best towns for those commuting to Manhattan.Shortest commute time is from Hoboken at 29 minutes.More items…•

Where is the cheapest place to live near NYC?

Here are a few more affordable neighborhoods in NYC to check out.Washington Heights (Manhattan)Flatbush (Brooklyn)Inwood (Manhattan)Murray Hill (Manhattan)Sunnyside (Queens)Bedford Park (The Bronx)All areas of Staten Island.

What is considered upper class in NJ?

Here’s how much you have to earn to be in the top 5% in the Garden State: Average top 5% annual income: $475,827. Minimum threshold needed to make the top 5%: $250,000.

Is 100k a good salary in NJ?

If you are lucky enough to be in the public sector, and have almost total job security and a fully paid retirement, then you could probably do OK with 100k in NJ. (Not a slam on public sector workers, but your money does go a lot further when your salary and a raise are pretty much guaranteed).

Do I pay NYC taxes if I live in NJ?

The simple answer is yes. New Jersey residents who work in New York State must file a New York tax return and pay taxes on income earned in New York. … “Your employer is required to withhold NY income taxes from those earnings even if you do not live in NY state.”

Do I pay more taxes if I live in NJ and work in NY?

Since you work in NY, you should be having NY tax withheld from your paycheck, and not NJ tax. Your pay for working in NY is fully taxable by NY. You will owe little or no tax to NJ because you will get a credit on your NJ tax return for a large portion of the tax that you pay to NY. … You won’t be double taxed.

Where should I move to NYC?

5 Best Places To Move From NYC: Where To Move From New York CitySeattle, Washington. If you’re leaving New York because you want to get a better job and make a career, consider moving to Seattle, Washington. … Minneapolis, Minnesota. … Austin, Texas. … Cincinnati, Ohio. … Tampa, Florida.

What is considered rich in NJ?

If you have an annual salary of above $250,000, then congratulations, you are considered rich in New Jersey. The Garden State is one of only 8 states that need at least a $250,000 annual salary to be considered rich.

What is the best town in NJ to live?

Real estate company Coldwell Banker has compiled a list of the 10 best areas to live in New Jersey in 2020. Did your town make the list?Manalapan (Monmouth County)Closter (Bergen County) … Clinton (Hunterdon County) … Madison (Morris County) … Sparta (Sussex County) … Bridgewater (Somerset County) … Princeton (Mercer County) … More items…•