Quick Answer: What Did Muko Do To Get The Attention Of The Farmer?

How was Mr Gessler a failure in business?

Gessler was successful as a bootmaker because his customers were immensely satisfied with the boot he made.

This perfectly fit them and lasted long.

Yes, he was a failure as a competitive businessman.

He didn’t have money like the big firms so he couldn’t invest in advertisements..

Why did Neighbour kill the dog?

Why did the neighbours kill the dog? Solution: The neigbours killed the dog in anger. They have expected the dog to help them get a treasure, but the dog had rather taken them to a foul smelling dead kitten.

What was Mr Gessler complaint about big firms?

Answer: Mr Gessler’s complaint against big firms was that they got customers only because of advertising, and not because of any quality work. Mr Gessler, who loved his job and who used to make good quality boots, had very little work because people preferred the big firms.

How did the dog help him next?

(ii) How did it help him next? Answer. (i) the spirit of the dog appeared to the farmer in a dream and asked him to cut down the pine three over his gave and to make a mortar for rice pastry and a mill for bean sauce from it.

How did the spirit of dog help the farmer first?

The spirit of the dog came in the farmer’s dream and first asked him to chop the pine tree and make mortar and hand-mill out of it. With the mortar and mill it gave the farmer heaps of gold.

How did Mr Gessler’s shop resemble a church?

Gessler’s shop did not have much crowd in it. Anyone can enter the shop in a very restful mood. Thus, in this way the shop of Mr. Gessler resembled a church.

What did the Daimio gift the kind farmer for making the trees bloom?

Answer: The daimio rewarded the farmer for making an old withered cherry tree blossom once again. Like the farmer his greedy neighbour also sprinkled ashes over a withered cherry tree.

How did Mr Gessler described his brother?

How did Mr Gessler described his brother? Solution: Mr Gessler said that his brother was a good man. He made good boots.

How does Ravi get milk for kitten?

Ravi got milk for the kitten from the kitchen. When his grandmother saw him holding the glass of milk, he told her that he was hungry. In order to avoid suspicion, he had to even drink most of the milk. … Then, he ran and poured the milk into a coconut shell.

Who was Mr Gessler?

He is the younger of the two Gessler Brothers and is the protagonist of the story. Mr. Gessler, a little, short-statured man with “his yellow crinkly face, and crinkly reddish hair and beard, … his guttural and one-toned voice” is described as “as if made from leather”.

What did the dog do to lead the farmer to the hidden gold?

What did the dog do to lead the farmer to the hidden gold? Answer: To lead the farmer to the hidden gold, the dog came running to the farmer and kept its paws against his legs. It continuously kept directing towards a place behind him.

Who were Gessler Brothers?

Gessler brothers were two German migrants who made quality shoes in England. They were old and lived in a small house on the roadside. Their house was two rented tenements let into one in the West End, the part of central London where there are many theatres and many large expensive shops and hotels.