Is Chicken Slang For Money?

What does chickens mean in rap?

What do rappers mean by “Chicken head”.

The term and slang “Chickenhead” (also spelled Chicken head) is a noun which is used by rappers and in the culture to reference a woman who likes giving head..

Is Fin slang for money?

A “fin” is a slang term occasionally used for a $5 bill. The term “fin” has its origins in both the German and Yiddish languages, in which the word is loosely related to the word “five.” In addition to the term “fin,” two other popular slang terms used for the $5 bill include “fiver” and “five-spot”.

Why are chickens cowards?

If you move too quickly it scares them and they go running. My girls freaked out when I wore a skirt around them for the first time. They were squawking like there was a fox trying to kill them. “Chicken” got the meaning of “coward” or “afraid” because of how the animals act.

What is a chicken queen?

Definition. chicken queen rate. (Adult / Slang) An adult male homosexual sexually attracted to underage males. Used somewhat derogatorily; a distinction is sometimes made between chicken hawk as someone who preys on young people and chicken queen , who seeks their company for his enjoyment.

What is chicken in drug terms?

CHICKEN. Definition: Kilogram of Cocaine. Type: Slang Word (Jargon)

Why is being called a chicken an insult?

The term “to be chicken” stems from the fairy tale Chicken Little. It is about a set of animals, instigated by a chicken named Chicken Little, going to warn their king that the world was coming to an end. … Why do we call someone “chicken” when they are scared or afraid?

What do chickens symbolize?

The chicken figures as a symbol of parental and spiritual love in the literature of the West. … The hen symbolizes ideal maternal love and Christian love: she is self-sacrificing, nurturing, protective, and comforting.

What does being called a chicken mean in Russia?

“In fact, if you call someone a chicken in Russia, that is a person that gets raped in prison – in male prison. That’s what a chicken is in Russia. And Khabib knows that, and everybody knows that. It is a very, very, severe insult.”

What does chicken mean sexually?

a prostitute; thus chicken-chaser, chicken-hustler, a womanizer; also attrib. a.1627. 1700180019002000.

What is a chicken head slang?

“Chickenhead” is an American English slang term that is typically used in a derogatory manner toward women. The term mocks the motion of the body while performing oral sex on a man, but contains social characteristics and cultural relevance as well, and is frequently heard in popular hip hop music.

What is a synonym for chicken?

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Wordschicken(n) Synonyms: fowl, hen, rooster, pullet, poult, capon.chicken(n. pl) Synonyms: poultry, brood.

What does chicken mean in slang?

1a : scared. b : timid, cowardly. 2 slang. a : insistent on petty details of duty or discipline. b : petty, unimportant.

What does smoking on the chicken mean?

inhaling crack cocaine’Smoking the chicken’ is slang for inhaling crack cocaine.

What does watch your chicken mean?

Chicken is a slang term for money, and taking care of your money was a key part of Lynch’s message to teammates, as well as players around the league, during a postgame news conference Sunday following a 28-23 loss to the Packers.